Age Range: 11-14

Long-range missions by RAF Vulcan bombers played a vital role in the 1982 Falklands conflict. Both navigation and re-fuelling were a major challenge.

The introductory video ‘Operation Black Buck’ explores how the RAF planned and carried out what was at the time the longest bombing raid in history.

In the history activity students explore the Falklands military campaign and how the RAF overcame the huge geographical challenges involved.

In the STEM activity, students explore how the navigator needed to take account of wind to stay on course to the Falklands.

RAF centenary Flight of the Navigator – World speed record attempt (external site)

Equipment list

A4 sheet of paper
30 cm ruler
Protractor and ping pong ball
Thread or thin string
Scissors and sticky tape
Access to a fan or hair dryer (if available)
Clamp stand and boss
Two drawing pins or map pins
Thick cardboard or corkboard
Navigation Chart printed onto card or paper (Select “print to same size as original” when printing)