Age Range: 11-14

In 2018 the RAF expertise in airdrops has been vital for getting supplies to areas of the UK affected by terrible storms. The success of any relief operation depends on the precision and accuracy of delivery.

The introductory video ‘Airdrops’ explores the role of the RAF in relief operations and their importance for the UK’s international role.

In the history activity students explore the role of airdrops in Burma, the Berlin airlift and the relief operation in Ethiopia.

In the STEM activity, students make an airdrop model using paper, string and paperclips and use it to explore precision of delivery. As an extension they can explore projectile motion.

Equipment list

5 metres of smooth string or thread (you will need to set this up before the activity)
An additional 90 cm of string or thread (the release string)
A sheet of A4 paper
A sheet of A5 paper (eg A4 paper cut in half)
A large sheet of paper (eg an A2 sheet, 4 sheets of A4 taped together or a strip of wallpaper)
7 paperclips
Masking tape or transparent sticky tape
A metre rule or tape measure
Three different coloured pens/pencils
Target Overlay copied onto a clear sheet
A mobile phone with video camera (optional)