Logistics STEM Residential (Girls aged 14-15 Yrs)

Following the latest Government advice, all RAF Youth & STEM activity has been suspended until the end of May which includes our residential camps. We are not re booking activities for future dates at this time but are hopeful that some activities may be able to be rescheduled later this year.

The Logistics STEM residential will take place at RAF Wittering over the period 25-29 May 2020. Girls aged 14-15 yrs at the start of the course are invited to apply below.

This residential will involve working within a team of fellow students on elements of support to a Humanitarian Aid operation in a far-off country. It will provide real world context and insight into STEM careers.

You will work alongside qualified logisticians within a real-life scenario.  You will draw on their knowledge to gain valuable employment skills including working in a team, communication, budgets, time management, problem solving, planning and presentations.

You will also work towards a British Science CREST Award and an Industrial Cadet Award, both of which are viewed favourably by employers and Universities.

You will be given opportunities to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to try new things you didn’t think you were capable of and to work with people you might not have met before.


FAQs: Please find below some FAQs that you might wish to read through with your parents if you are interested.

What sort of activities will I do?

No matter what course you choose you’ll be encouraged to work in small groups on design and build projects to put your engineering knowledge into practice. You will build communication, problem solving and presentation skills.  Some courses involve off site visits, where you will be fully supervised at all times.  We will expect full participation from you at all times and the instructors will encourage and support you if you are finding something challenging.  After all, the most challenging things are often the most rewarding!  A typical day may start with an 0630 wake up call and breakfast and finish around 2100 and will be packed with activity.  There will of course be lunch and dinner breaks with some activity continuing after dinner in the evening.  There is normally free time later in the evening but we try to ensure that lights out are at 2230 as the days are long and students need their sleep.

What will I eat?

All our courses are full board and there will be a choice of meals. Most dietary requirements can be met providing we have been advised prior to the course.  Soft drinks are provided with meals and refreshments and snacks are normally offered during the day.  If the students are going to be off site for the day a packed lunch will be provided or they may be fed in another Mess if going to another RAF Station.  There is normally a shop of some sort where any extra snacks or drinks can be purchased separately.

Where will I stay?

This depends on the course. For many of our courses children will be accommodated in non-mixed accommodation on an RAF Station.  We normally separate students into all-girl or all-boy blocks or accommodate them within single sex areas.  The chaperones allocated will be appropriate to the gender balance of the group.  The rooms may be single or dormitory style depending on the venue with Single-Sex bathroom facilities located in close proximity to the dorm.  A drying room is normally available for wet clothes.

How much does it cost?

All our courses are completely free including accommodation, meals and all activities. All you need to do is get yourself to the course.  We will meet you at the venue or we can collect students from a nominated train station if rail travel is preferred – these details will be clarified in further correspondence if you are successful in gaining a place on the course.  You might want to bring a small amount of spending money  in case you want to purchase additional snacks during the week.

Is there any phone reception or internet access?

There is likely to be phone reception at all of our locations and this will be dependent on the network provider and can be patchy at some locations. It is unlikely that you will have internet access during your course.  Please note you will only be allowed your phones during your free time in the evening – we would ask that your phones are locked away in your room at all other times.

How do I apply?

You need to complete the application form at the link below and submit it to the RAF Youth & STEM Team at RAF Cranwell. Your form will be held until the closing date when a sift will be carried out.  All applicants should receive either a letter congratulating them on securing a place on the course or a letter advising that they have been unsuccessful.  If you haven’t heard from us within 3 weeks of the closing date then please give us a ring just in case your letter got lost in the post.



Parent FAQ

What if my young person has an accident or is ill during the course?

If a doctor or A&E intervention is required then the chaperones will ensure that the appropriate actions are taken and will of course keep you informed. If your young person is poorly during the course then a decision will be made as to whether they can continue or whether they will need to be removed from the course and sent home.  Please ensure that you are contactable during the week.

How safe will your young person be?

Your young person will be supervised and chaperoned by fully trained and DBS checked staff at all times, both military and civilian. As an absolute minimum we normally have 1 chaperone per 10 young people which is as recommended by the NSPCC. Generally there will be additional mentors, instructors and Youth and STEM staff which means that the numbers of adult supervisors is normally much higher.  Normally, each young person will have a nominated chaperone who is directly responsible for ensuring their welfare.  We ensure that any medical issues are highlighted to them and they will be responsible for looking after and administering any medication.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us on 01400 266681 and we will try to answer any of your questions.