Space Camp Residential (Students age 13-14 Yrs)


The Space residential will take place at Moreton Hall, Oswestry 3 – 7 August 2020 for students aged 13-14 years. You will be given opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and learn new skills while making new friends and having fun. Students will be challenged to:

As part of the Rocket Project, you will document your research and conclusions to earn the British Science Association Bronze Crest Award

By the end of the week you will have worked as part of a team and delivered on a project that requires planning, research and management of time and resources. You will have learnt new skills, made new friends, challenged yourself and grown in confidence. But most of all, we hope you have been inspired to continue your interest in a STEM career pathway

Please note, whilst unlikely, the programme is subject to change



FAQs: Please find below some FAQs that you might wish to read through with your parents if you are interested.

What sort of activities will I do?

You can expect to work in teams to design, research and build projects that will test and develop your STEM knowledge. Programmes vary and you may have the opportunity to visit off-site locations, where you will be fully supervised at all times.

We expect full participation from you at all times and the instructors will encourage and support you.  A typical day will start at 0700 (wake-up call) and finish around 2100. Lessons commence at 0900 and evening activities will be included after dinner.  There is free time later in the evening, but we stipulate lights out at 2200 to prepare you for the next day

What will I eat?

All courses are full board offering a choice of meals encompassing all dietary requirements; please ensure you have informed us of any specific dietary needs prior to arrival.  In addition, mid-morning and afternoon snacks/refreshments are offered.

Where will I stay?

Accommodation is single sex and chaperones are allocated appropriate to the gender balance of the group.  The rooms may be single or dormitory style depending on the venue with single-sex bathroom facilities located in close proximity to the dorm.

How much does it cost?

All courses are inclusive of accommodation, meals and activities. Travel to the venue is the responsibility of the attendee; however, we can provide a transfer from local rail stations. A small amount of spending money is advisable for additional snacks during the week.

Is there any phone reception or internet access?

Mobile reception and internet access various at each location. Please note you will only be allowed your phones during your free time in the evening – we would ask that your phones are locked away in your room at all other times.

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form via the link below and submit it to the RAF Youth & STEM Team at RAF Cranwell. Each application will be held until the closing date when a sift will be carried out.  All applicants will receive a letter informing them if they have been successful or not. If you have not received confirmation within 3 weeks of the course start date, please contact us.


Parent FAQ

What if my young person has an accident or is ill during the course?

Our chaperones will ensure appropriate action is taken if a doctor or A&E intervention is required and the parent/guardian will be notified immediately. If a student becomes ill/injured during the course, a decision will be made as to whether they can continue or if it is in their best interest to return home.  Please ensure that you are contactable during the week.

How safe will your young person be?

We employ professionally trained chaperones to undertake this service and all staff responsible for delivering the residential programme have been DBS cleared. As recommended by the NSPCC, we allocate a minimum of 1 chaperone per 10 students, which is further supplemented by additional mentors, instructors and Youth and STEM staff. Each student will have a nominated chaperone who is responsible for ensuring their welfare.  The chaperone will be made aware of personal/medical issues and be responsible for subsequent care and administration of medication.

What if I have more questions?

Please call 01400 266681 if you have any queries.