Age Range: 6-11

Explore developments in technology with Katie and Tex in this activity book!

A series of presentations and templates to support delivery of Bloodhound Rocket STEM sessions.

A follow on series of Lego Spike Prime Coding challenges set around a Hurricane rescue mission. Each activity builds on existing knowledge and provides a challenge that requires young people to build physical and coding solutions to real life rescue scenarios. The activity can be broken down into smaller parts. It can also be used to support award of a Crest Discovery or Bronze award.

The activity can be accessed here:

We have developed STEM activities together with the IET organisation to celebrate the King’s Coronation.
Suitable for Ages 7-11

A worksheet and ppt that can be used to deliver a Rockets workshop for Primary Schools

The Road to RIAT is a programme of activities inspiring Key Stage 2 students (or equivalent) to fulfil their potential and to think creatively about air and space. We run the Road to RIAT competition in partnership with The RAF Charitable Trust, Accenture and The Smallpeice Trust. To register your interest in the 2024 programme, please click on the link below.


Developed in partnership with 5 Great Activities Inside Suitable for those who attended the BAE Systems/Royal Navy/Royal Air Force Roadshow.   Magic Coins Levitating Magnets Sorting Machine Electromagnetic Strength Magnetic Treasure Hunt. Aligned to the National Curriculum

Battery Safety Data Sheets for Sphero and Spike Prime

A simple feedback form that SAs can use to capture post event feedback from Schools

Written by Dr David Wilkinson, this booklet is designed to help volunteers improve their understanding of the value of their STEM delivery. It includes some practical tips on how to engage with young people.