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Join the 1 in a Million Campaign……..Volunteers required for the Primary Engineers Leaders Award…..Nominations required for the Young Women Engineers Award… See below for more info:


Welcome RAF STEM Ambassadors

Meet the Team.

Within the RAF Youth & STEM Team at RAFC Cranwell, Flt Lt Sarah Duffy and Flt Lt Lou Muir are dedicated to providing support to you as RAF SAs. If you want to get hold of us to discuss any issues related to RAF SA policy, training, personal development, volunteering opportunities or funding for resources please call us on (Mil) 95751 6661 or (Civ) 01400 266661.

In the meantime please have a look around the resources that are available to you and check out the latest news and features below:

Volunteers required for the Primary Engineers Leaders Award project

Are you willing to be interviewed to talk about what you do day to day in your current role? Information about the project can be found here:Primary Engineers Leaders Award

Nominations required for the Institute of Engineering Technology’s Young Women Engineers

Do you work with or know an outstanding young RAF Engineer? If so please recommend them to your CoC for nomination to the Young Women Engineers Award sponsored by The Institute of Engineering. Once again the RAF is proud to be a sponsor of this competition. Further details can be found here:Young Women Engineers Award

Join the 1 in a Million Campaign

WISE is running a “1 in a Million campaign”… if you champion and encourage women in engineering please join them here:1 in a Million campaign

STEM Activity Introductory Videos

A series of short animated videos is now available in the resources section. The videos can be used to help set the scene at your STEM activity.